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Some of the forms of the apparitions, as published in Watani newspaper of April 20, 1986 and as reported by eye-witnesses:

  1. The Virgin surrounded by a halo of transparent light.

  2. The Virgin with a halo of light surrounding Her head.

  3. The Virgin looking at the crowds and extending Her arms toward them and blessing them.

  4. The sad Virgin looking downwards.

  5. Sometimes the details of the Virgin could be distinguished. A flame of light was seen propagating from the western church tower

  6. A very strong light starting from inside the domes and shining to the outside, lighting up the whole area with a lightning flash that shone over the surrounding houses and was seen from a long distance. On April 10, 1986, at 4:00 am, a flame of light (see figure on the right) was also seen propagating from the western tower of the church and then returning back to it, turning the darkness of the night into light. The flame had a wavy surface, showing interlaced tongues and waves of light and fire, varying in colour from orange to very bright white. The accompanying diagram shows the crowds of night vigils gathered in the very narrow street in front of the church of Saint Demiana and the flame of light propagating from the western tower of the church.

  7. Saint Demiana (see icon of Saint Demiana the Martyr on the right) also appeared holding a green branch, as if preparing for the apparition of the Holy Virgin.

  8. Light radiating from the western tower taking an oval shape -- a white pigeon appeared in the middle of this light, opening its wings and flying over the church.

  9. A light shining from the western tower through which the Holy Virgin appeared in a clear form.

  10. A luminous mass from the west going towards the east through which the Holy Virgin and Saint Demiana appeared, then the mass disappeared and the Virgin remained in sight.

  11. The Virgin extending Her hands towards the crowds then moved towards the balcony inside the church and started to move upwards towards the sky till She disappeared.

  12. A white light shone over the western tower and illuminated the cross made of wood, making the cross appear like a flame.

  13. During the apparition of the Holy Virgin, writings in Coptic letters were seen.

  14. A mass of light over the veil of the altar which grew bigger, then Our Lady appeared walking.

  15. The Virgin in Her full body dressed in white, blue and red colours in front of the western dome.

  16. The Holy Virgin in the hollow of the central dome inside the church, beside the painting of our Lord Jesus Christ on this dome.

  17. A rectangular light shining on the veil of the altar then turning three times around the church over the heads of the crowds.

  18. The Virgin amidst an orange cloud over the eastern tower.

  19. On the night of Sunday, April 13, 1986, the Holy Virgin appeared in Her full body of normal size with three bright and luminous colours: white, blue and red, and the whole body was luminous and could be seen beside the church domes overlooking Abd El-Metaal street. The apparition lasted for a few seconds just before one o'clock in the morning, and then after about half an hour the same apparition was repeated and also a lightning flash of light appeared along the church wall more than once.

  20. On many occasions, our Lady appeared inside the church near the veil of the altar during morning hours, e.g., on Saturday, July 12, 1986 (Abib 7, 1702 A.M. -- the feast day of the Apostles and the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul) at 10:30 am, and also on Monday, July 28 (Abib 21), the monthly Coptic remembrance day of our Lady the Blessed Holy Virgin Mary.


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