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Mariahilfberg, Gutenstein, Austria (1661)

Title: Our Lady of Help


Investigated: 1661

First Apparition: 1661

Pope Clement IX authorized the cult of the veneration of the image and the construction of a church which was entrusted to a Marian religious order

Last Apparition: 1661

Visionary: Sebastian Schmid Schlager

Number of Apparitions: 6

Miracles & Signs: In front of the portrait that Sebastian painted, many noted miraculous healings and mystical phenomena occurred.

Holy Mary appeared to Sebastian Schmid Schlager, who was miraculously healed, to give him the initiative of the construction of a shrine in southern Gutenstein. The Most Holy Virgin had appeared to him six times and painted her image on a sheet and then put the portrait of the Madonna on a beech tree. The image of Mary, although painted rudimentarily, was similar to her apearance in the apparitions. Then pilgrimages began and a chapel was built of wood. The synod of Passau, as the agency of ecclesiastical authority, examined the case and informed Rome. Pope Clement IX authorized the cult of the veneration of the image. In addition, he also gave his consent for the construction of a church which was then entrusted to the care of servants, as a Marian religious order.

Lescure, France (1717)

Title: Our Lady of the Visitation


Investigated: Msgr. D'Estaing du Saillans, Bishop of Saint.Flour

First Apparition:
July 2, 1717

Approved: Msgr. D'Estaing du Saillans, bishop of Saint.Flour authorized the construction of a chapel, solemnly blessed on July 2, 1724. On July 2, 1869, a new larger church was inaugurated by Bishop De Pompignac. In 1934, the image of "Our Lady of the Visitation" wassolemnly crowned.

Last Apparition:
July 4, 1717

Jean Paillé (13) - shepherd

Number of Apparitions: 3

Miracles & Signs: Discovery of a buried miraculous statue

Summary: The Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd boy and called for the construction of a chapel on the site of the apparition.

Saint Bauzille, France (1873)

Investigated: 1873 Bishop Cabrières

First Apparition:
June 8, 1873

Approved: The commission recognized the authenticity of the apparitions. But the vicar general remained in opposition to this commission.

Last Apparition:
July 8, 1873

Auguste Arnaud (37)

Number of Apparitions: 2

Miracles & Signs: Auguste was seen to miraculously run across a field at the speed of lightning to meet the Virgin.

Summary: At Saint Bauzille, the Virgin appeared twice to Auguste Arnaud, a non-practicing Catholic.

Pellevoisin, France (1876)

Title: Our Lady of the Scapular of the Sacred Heart

Feast Day : February 14th


First Apparition:
Feb 10, 1876

Approved: No official approval of supernatural event. May 1894 Pope Leo XIII approved the Archconfraternity of our Mother All Merciful of Pellevoisin. April 4, 1900 The Congregation of
Rites granted approval to the Scapular of the Sacred Heart.

Last Apparition:
Dec 8, 1876

Estelle Fagguette (33)

Number of Apparitions: 15

Miracles & Signs: Estelle is cured of her terminal disease after seeing the Blessed Mother.

Summary: In 1876 in the village of Pellevoisin, Estelle Faguette lay dying of pulmonary tuberculosis, acute peritonitis and an abdominal tumor. During the night of the February 14th, she claimed to witness the first of fifteen apparitions of the Blessed Virgin and was healed.

Campinas, Brazil (1930)

Title: Nossa Senhora das Lagrimas (Our Lady of the Tears)


First Apparition:
March 8, 1930

Approved: Msgr. Count Franciscus von Campos Barreto, Bishop of Campinas, approved the devotion of Rosary of Our Lady of Tears.

Last Apparition:
March 8, 1930

Sr. Amalia Aguirre of the Savior Scourged

Number of Apparitions: 1

Summary: On March 8th, 1930, the Virgin appeared to a religious from the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Crucified, Amalia Aguirre of the Savior Scourged. She was dressed in a purple dress, a blue cloak and a white veil that covered even the chest. The Most Holy Virgin, would display a rosary with her tears, for converting sinners. Devotion to this Rosary, was approved by Bishop Francisco Campos Barreto, Bishop of Campinas, who not only allowed the recognition of the events, but he did his utmost to spread everywhere the commemorative medal of Our Lady of Tears, the source of many conversions and graces.

Heede, Germany (1937)

Title: Queen of the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Investigated: 1945

First Apparition:
October 1, 1937

Approved: for Faith Expression in 1945

Last Apparition:
November 3, 1940

Margaret Gansferth, Greta Gansferth, Anna Schulte, Susanna Bruns

Number of Apparitions: 3 recorded

Summary:Mary appeared to four childrennear their homes, in a meadow, and at other places. She was holding the Divine Child in her arms when she first appeared. After the children were forbidden by the Gestapo (and briefly arrested) to go to the place of the original apparition, Mary appeared to them in secret. Prayer, conversion, and the rosary were the primary messages.

Wigratzbad, Germany (1938)

Title: Our Beloved Lady of Victory


First Apparition: 1919 (Antonie), Feb 22, 1938 (Cecilia)


Last Apparition: Feb 22, 1938

Antonie Radler, Cecilia Geyer

Number of Apparitions:2

Summary: In 1919, after Antonie Radler contracted the Spanish influenza, the Blessed Virgin appeared to her, laid her hands on her, and healed her. Later she was imprisoned and was freed through the intercession of Our Lady who appeared to Cecilia Geyer, who she asked that a chapel be built.

Marienfried, Germany (1946)

Title: Mediatrix of all Grace


First Apparition:
April 25, 1946

Approved: Bishop consecrated chapel July 13, 1972. Approved for Faith Expression by Bishop of Augsburg on March 20, 2000. New sanctuary consecrated Octo 23, 2011 by Bishop Konrad Zdarsa

Last Apparition:
June 25, 1946

Barbara Reuss

Number of Apparitions: 3

Notes: Mary identifies herself as Mediatrix of all Graces

La Codosera, Spain (1945)


First Apparition:
May 27, 1945

Approved: The bishop of Badajoz authorized the construction of a chapel and, therefore, de facto, the cult.

Last Apparition:

Visionaries: Marcelina and Afra Brigida Blanco

Number of Apparitions:

Notes: The miracle of the sun was claimed to have occurred severral times.

L'Ile-Bouchard, France (1947)

Title: Our Lady of Prayer

Investigated: 1947

First Apparition:
Dec 8,1947

Approved: for Faith Expression on Dec 8, 2001 by Andre Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Tours. On May 21 and 22, 2004, Archbishop André Vingt-Trois approved the message of the Virgin, together with the bishop of Puy, Bishop and Henri Brincard and Mons. Louis Brigues, Bishop of Angers.

Last Apparition:
Dec 14 , 1947

Jacqueline Aubry (12), Jeanette Aubry (7), Nicole Robin (10), Laura Croizon (8)

Number of Apparitions: 9

Miracles & Signs: Miraculous ray of sunlight

Summary: In the parish church of St Gilles, in L'Ile Bouchard south of Tours, from the 8th to the 14th of December 1947, four children witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary and an angel. She asked that they pray for France and construct a grotto at the location.

Tre Fontane, Italy (1947)

Title: The Virgin of Revelation

Investigated: 1947

First Apparition:
April 12, 1947

Approved: The Vicariate of Rome approves the cult of the Virgin of Revelation in 1947.

Last Apparition:
April 12, 1947

Visionaries: Bruno Cornacchiola

Number of Apparitions: 1+

Miracles & Signs: Conversion of Bruno Cornacchiola

Notes: Not fully approved because of Bruno's character and subsequent 27 claims.

Hasznos, Hungary (1947)

Investigated: 1990

First Apparition:
July 2, 1947

Approved: Since 1990 he has been officially recognized as a place of worship

Last Apparition: July 2, 1947

Visionaries: Klara Lászlóné

Number of Apparitions: 1

Miracles & Signs: solar prodigies in 1949 and October 13th, 1965, seen by thousands of people

Balestrino, Italy (1949)

Investigated: 1947

First Apparition:

Approved: The Vicar General stated that although the message did not contain theological errors, it did not meet a supernatural character (1969). Archbishop Mario Olivieri, opened a new investigation and crowned the statue venerated in the chapel. (1992)

Last Apparition:

Visionary: Caterina Richero

Number of Apparitions:

Miracles & Signs: spiritual fruits and conversions

Ngome‚ South Africa (1955)

Title: Mary, Tabernacle of the Most High


First Apparition:
Aug 22, 1955

Approved: in 1989 for Faith Expression Bishop Manuset Biyase

Last Apparition:
May 2, 1971

Sr. Reinolda May

Number of Apparitions:10

Rome City, Indiana USA (1956)

Title: Our Lady of America


First Apparition:
Sept 25, 1956

Approved:for Faith Expression by Monsignor Paul F. Leibold, Archbishop of the Cincinnati diocese

Last Apparition:
Dec 20, 1959

Sr. Mildred Mary Neuzil

Number of Apparitions: Many

Miracles & Signs:

Summary: Sr. Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil), of the Precious Blood Sisters and later a Contemplative of the Indwelling Trinity reportedly received apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as of Our Lord, St. Joseph, St. Gabriel, and St. Michael. She said she was asked by the Blessed Virgin Mary to draw a picture according to the vision of Our Lady of America and have a statue constructed accordingly and placed after a solemn procession into the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, in Washington, D.C. as Our Lady of America.

Natividade, Brazil (1967)


First Apparition: May 9, 1967

Approved:The diocesan bishop allowed the spreading of the messages and is building a sanctuary.

Last Apparition: 1968

Dr. Sebastian Fausto de Faria

Number of Apparitions:

Summary: The Virgin appearing as "the Immaculate Mother of Jesus"and stated that the divine motherhood was the origin and foundation of her own existence.In her messages, mainly directed to the Church, she claimed to be bringing faith and love to Christians traumatized by strife.

Cefala Diana, Italy (1967)


First Apparition: May 26, 1967

Approved: A church was built from 1967 and consecrated June 22, 1969 by Cardinal Francesco Carpino, Archbishop of Palermo.

Last Apparition: May 26, 1967

Roberto Castelluci (11), Antonino Barberia (8), Francisco di Marto (12), Antonio Bellavia (10)

Number of Apparitions: 2

Summary: 4 children claimed to see Our Lady of Sorrows in tears. The same appearance was repeated later in front of many people, when the children, ran in town to announce the big event and then led everyone to the place of the apparition.

Santa Domenica di Placanica, Italy (1968)

Title: Madonna Dello Scoglio



First Apparition: May 11, 1968

Approved: The local Bishop Mons. Morosini, approved the devotion for Faith Expression by declaring the “Scoglio” an official Catholic shrine on December 8, 2007.

Last Apparition: May 14, 1968

Brother Cosimo Fragomeni

Number of Apparitions: 4

Belpasso, Italy (1986)


First Apparition: May 11, 1986

Approved: for Faith Expression - The Archbishop of Catania blessed the temple built to house the rock of appearances and has raised it to the status of Diocesan Shrine.

Last Apparition: May 1, 1988

Rosario Toscano

Number of Apparitions: 32

Salta, Argentina (1990)

Title: Virgen del Cerro ("Virgin of the Hill")

Investigated: 2003 -2006

First Apparition: 1990

Approved: for Faith Expression - Archbishop Mario Cargnello gave permission for the celebration of the mass at the closing ceremony of the pilgrim year 2011. In 2006, he released a non constat statement.

Last Apparition: Ongoing

Visionaries: Maria Livia Galiano de Obeid

Number of Apparitions: Many

Miracles & Signs: Miraculous cures, liberation from demons

Aokpe, Nigeria (1992)

Title: Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces


First Apparition: Oct 1992

Approved: for Faith Expression - Bishop Orgah granted the Imprimatur to the publication of the account of the apparitions and gave his permission to pilgrimages. His predecessor Archbishop John Onaiyekan gave permission for the construction of the shrine.

Last Apparition: 2004

Christiana Agbo (12)

Number of Apparitions: Many

Miracles & Signs: Eucharistic miracle, solar miracles

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