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In 1859, Professor Vergez of the Faculty of Medicine at Montpellier was appointed to examine the cures. Seven cures were recorded before 1862 promoting the argument for the recognition of the Apparitions by Bishop Laurence. Almost 7,000 cures have been documented at the waters of Lourdes. The Church has vigorously investigated and validated a mere 67 of them.

Read more at: How Lourdes Cures Are Recognized as Miraculous (Zenit 2004) | PDF

Download a list of miracles authenticated by International Medical Committee of Lourdes (C.M.I.L.).

Source: Mangiapan, Theodore and d'Andria, Vivienne. Imprimerie de la Grotte. 1987

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21. Aurelie HUPRELLE
 22. Esther BRACHMAN
 23. Jeanne TULASNE
 24. Clementine MALOT
 25. Mrs Rose FRANCOIS
 26. Reverend Father SALVATOR, capuchin
 27. Sister MAXIMILIEN
 28. Marie SAVOYE
 29. Mrs Johanna BEZENAC
 32. Marie-Therese NOBLET
 34. Antonia MOULIN
 35. Marie BOREL
 36. Virginie HAUDEBOURG
 37. Mrs Marie BIRE
 38. Aimee ALLOPE
 39. Juliette ORION
 40. Mrs Marie FABRE


Born in1869

Cured on 8/21/1895, in her 27th. year. Miracle on 5/1/1908, by Mgr Marie Jean Douais, Bishop of Beauvais.

This young lady of 26 years, clearly suffering from cavitating pulmonary tuberculosis, could not expect anything from medicine in those days.

Therefore, she decided to set off for Lourdes with the National Pilgrimage, against medical advice.

After an extremely arduous journey, she arrived in Lourdes on 8/21/1895, quite exhausted. When she got off the train, she was carried to the Baths to bathe. There she felt so much better, and considered herself as radically cured.

During the day she regained her zest for life, and was taken to the Medical Bureau of Verifications twice, where this cure was confirmed after a thorough medical examination.

When she returned home, her physician, utterly astounded by the state of his former sick patient, verified "the reality of this complete and sudden cure".

13 years afterwards, for the 50th. Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Bishop of Beauvais asked for another inquiry into her case. At his request, therefore, she was again seen, questioned and examined. On this occasion she was found to be in excellent condition, although thin. In this case too, one could see on the X-ray film, clear evidence of her old tuberculous foci in the lungs.

Mgr Douais had no difficulty in recognising on 5/1/1908, that the cure of Aurelie HUPRELLE possessed "the character of a true and certain miracle". Note that this cure was the subject of a further medical inquiry undertaken by other more highly qualified doctors. This was done because of a campaign of detraction, undertaken by a lobby (and above all, a German physician, Dr. Aigner) who claimed the illness of Aurelie HUPRELLE was purely nervous.
The results produced from this enquiry in 1909, corroborated entirely the results of earlier ones, namely that it was certainly a case of tuberculosis, cured in a sudden, definitive and lasting manner.

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Born inParis, in 1881

Cured at Lourdes on the 8/21/1896, in her 16th year. Miracle on 6.6.1908, by Mgr Leon Amette, Archbishop of Paris.

Esther, a 15-yr. old adolescent, had also had tuberculosis for two years when she joined the National Pilgrimage in 1896, with a group of 12-15 friends who were at the Hospice of Villepinte, a home for people dying of T.B., of all ages.

On the morning of the 21st August, after she left the train, she was taken straight to the Grotto and from there to the Baths.

When she came out, she too was sure she had been cured there. Her pain had ceased, the swelling of her abdomen had subsided. She could walk and was hungry. In the afternoon, she followed the spiritual exercises of the pilgrimage. The next morning, she made the Stations of the Cross up the Calvary.

Two days later, she went to the M.B.V. where the doctors confirmed her cure after thoroughly examining her.

On returning to Villepinte, the embarrassed doctors kept this girl under observation for a year. Only when she returned from a Pilgrimage of Thanksgiving did they issue a certificate confirming her cure on the visit to Lourdes in 1896.

In 1908, she was examined again and found to be in perfect health. This was at the time of the investigation requested by Mgr Leon Amette, Archbishop of Paris. He then recognised the cure of Esther Brachmann, like those of Clementine Trouve, Marie Lebranchu and Lemarchand... all of them unwilling heroines of E. Zola's "novel"

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Born on 9/8/1877, in Indre et Loire.

Cured on the 9/8/1897, at 20 years of age. Miracle on 10/27/1907, by Mgr Rene Francois Renou, Archbishop of Tours.

This young lady in late adolescence was already suffering from tuberculous peritonitis by the time she was 18 years old. Six months later the disease had spread to her vertebral column. Within a few more months the lesions were serious, having caused:

--destruction of 2 or 3 vertebrae, with marked curvature of the dorsolumbar spine; --a bone abscess in the left thigh; --muscular atrophy and clubfoot.

All these were certified by her doctor on 8/7/1897.

At the beginning of September, Jeanne, in a very poor state, came to Lourdes with her Diocesan Pilgrimage.

On the 8th. of September, her twentieth birthday, she too joined in the Blessed Sacrament Procession. Her own Bishop, Archbishop of Tours, carried the monstrance.

And then, all at once, she felt cured.

She was examined at the Medical Bureau of Verifications the next day, and again the next year, 1898, where doctors had no option but to confirm the cure from the prolonged illness of Pott's Disease, as complete, sudden and lasting.

Nine years afterwards, Mgr Rene Francois Renou, Archbishop of Tours, upon request, appointed a Canonical Commission in 1906, which found the cure miraculous.

The Archbishop himself, proclaimed on 10/27/1907, that "the cure of Jeanne TULASNE was a miraculous cure, and had happened 10 years earlier when the Blessed Sacrament was carried past her"

Clementine MALOT

Born in Granvilliers on 11/22/1872

Cured on 8/21/1898, in her 26th year. Miracle on 11/1/1908, by Mgr Marie Jean Douais, Bishop of Beauvais.

Here is another young lady of 20 years who, in 1892, presented a case of tuberculosis with spitting of blood.

She too, in desperation, decided to go to Lourdes in 1898 with the National Pilgrimage.

After a very trying journey to Lourdes, she was taken to the Baths on arrival. But it was only with the next day and bath that she felt a very marked improvement in her health.

Clementine was examined at the Medical Bureau of Verifications on 21st. and 23rd. of August 1898, and again the following year on 21st. August .

There the cure was confirmed and upheld as certain.

As we have seen already in the case of Miss Huprelle at the time of the 50th. Anniversary of the Apparitions in Lourdes, her Bishop, Mgr Douais, subjected this ex-patient and the dossier of her cure to a new inquiry by a consultant physician, and an X-ray check.

This investigation, together with the evidence provided by the vestiges of the original lesions, corroborated the diagnosis put forward 10 years before at the time of her cure in 1898.

With all this confirmation, the Bishop of Beauvais thought it proper to declare (six months after A. Huprelle) the cure of Clementine MALOT as miraculous on 11/1/1908.

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Reverend Father SALVATOR, capuchin

Born in1862.

Lived in Dinard. Cured on 6/25/1900, in his 39th. year. Miracle on 1.7.1908, by Mgr A. Dubourg, Archbishop of Rennes.

This case was diagnosed as one of pulmonary tuberculosis at the beginning of 1898.

In 1900, two years later, tuberculous peritonitis set in. This was confirmed by his doctors on the day before his departure for Lourdes. These doctors refused to treat him, said he was doomed, and even opposed his pilgrimage.

On arrival at Lourdes on the 25th. June, he too was taken immediately to the Baths. A few minutes later, he emerged from them transformed; so rejuvenated was he that neither he nor those with him were in doubt about his cure.

That same evening Fr. SALVATOR took some food, in fact ate with a hearty appetite, and could sleep well again.

The next morning, 26th. June, out of obedience, he went to the Medical Bureau of Verifications, where no sign at all could be found of his former and formidable illness.

Finally, 8 years later in 1908, the Friar was examined again by two doctors attached to the Canonical Commission appointed by the Archbishop of Rennes. His physical condition was considered most satisfactory.

And on 1.7.1908, Mgr Dubourg was delighted to declare that "this cure of a grave organic disease was instantaneous, radical and definitive, presenting all the features of a miraculous case and could only be due to a supernatural intervention".

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Born in1858

Lived in Marseille (Convent of the Sisters of Hope). Cured on 20.5.1901, in her 44th year. Miracle on 5.2.1908, by Cardinal Paulin Andrieu, Bishop of Marseille.

A 43 year old nun, ill for 15 years and totally bedfast for 5, due to a hydatid cyst of the liver with phlebitis of the left leg, decided to come to Lourdes, knowing she was incurable.

She arrived there on 20.5.1901, and she too was taken forthwith to the Baths.

A few minutes later, she came out, walking... and cured! The swellings of her abdomen and leg had vanished!

The next day, 21st May, Sister visited the M.B.V. where she recounted her long history. After the doctors had heard her story and examined her, they decided to request her own doctor to telegramme a medical certificate. This came a few hours later.

In it, Dr Rampal quoted the diagnosis and the incurable nature of her illness.

Eight days later, he thought it upright to write another report in which he stated:

"I am bound to say in all sincerity, that Sister MAXIMILIEN returned from Lourdes completely cured" on the 29.5.1901.

This cure, from an illness reputed to be incurable, was sudden, definitive, and completely unexpected. The Bishop of Marseille declared it as miraculous, and attributable to the all-powerful and effective intervention of Our Lady of Lourdes on 5.2.1908.

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Born in1877.

Lived in Cateau-Cambresis (Nord). Cured on 20.9.1901, in her 24th. year.
Miracle on 15.8.1908, by Mgr Francois Delamaire, Coadjutor of Cambrai.
This was a cure of a non-tuberculous illness, and therefore relatively uncommon. The Medical Bureau of Verifications possesses a very detailed and comprehensive document on it, which cannot be reported here, however great its interest may be.

It seems more appropriate to our purpose to describe the final summary of the Canonical Judgement of Mgr Delamaire, Bishop Coadjutor of her Diocese.


1) that for four years she suffered from the consequences of rheumatic fever; that for 13 months she suffered especially from heart disease, with all the signs of a mitral lesion; that the illness, with an almost complete loss of appetite and spitting of blood, led to such weakness that no one dared to plunge her into the Baths;

2) that at Lourdes, during the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, all these symptoms suddenly disappeared, as well as the bed-sore on her back, due to the long time she had lain in bed; that all this happened without any natural cause as an explanation;

3) that her sudden cure was so complete that the "miraculee" could give to others for the next seven years the sort of help she herself had received during her long illness, without a relapse;

for all these reasons, we, Francois Delamaire, Archbishop of Metymne, Coadjutor of Cambrai, judge and declare the cure of Marie SAVOYE as miraculous.

Given at Cambrai on 15.8.1908.

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Mrs Johanna BEZENAC
nee DUBOS,
Born in1876

Cured on 8.8.1904. Miracle on 2.7.1908, by Mgr Henri J. Bougoin, Bishop of Perigueux.

Following a long spell of breast-feeding, Mrs BEZENAC contracted in March 1901 severe pneumonia, which was the prelude to a state of progressive cachexia, apparently tuberculous in nature, and singularly unaffected by any treatment.

From then onwards, her condition steadily deteriorated. The infection attacked the skin of her face, gradually spreading upwards into the hair roots.

She came to Lourdes with her Diocesan Pilgrimage. It seems that she was cured in several stages between the 8th and 9th of August 1904 and that the cure was associated with water from the Spring, in the Baths or used as a lotion.

The M.B.V. only dealt with this cure in a very brief account. In contrast, on 4.10.1904, two months after her pilgrimage, the doctor who had treated her verified the "absolute cure of her general condition and localised lesions".

On this evidence, her Bishop declared that this cure had "the character of a true-miracle" in July, 1908.

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Born in 1865

Superior of the Convent of Peyreleau (Cong. of St Joseph of Clairvaux)

Cured on 20.8.1904, in her 40th, year.
Miracle on 10.5.1908, by Mgr Charles de Ligonnes, Bishop of Rodez.

Sister St HILAIRE aged 38 years, presented a case of chronic gastroenteritis in the month of August, 1903. It was resistent to all treatment.

In February 1904, six months after the onset, a swelling appeared on her right-side, and she had become grossly emaciated and asthenic.

During the next few months, her poor state of health was aggravated by further loss of weight (down to 42 kg.), and by ever-more frequent loss of blood in the stools. The doctors had no remedy.

In this lamentable state, Sister went to Lourdes with the National Pilgrimage in August.

After the first Bath, she felt reinvigorated, recovered her appetite and realised after a few hours that she was cured.

On 22.8.1904, she attended the Medical Bureau of Verifications for an examination.

On returning to her Community she took up "a life of hard work" Three months after the cure she weighed 62 kg.

The nun presented herself again at the Medical Bureau of Verifications in the course of her pilgrimages of thanksgiving with the Diocese of Rodez in August 1905, July 1906 and 1907.

In 1908, Mgr Charles de Ligonnes, Bishop of Rodez, declared that this sudden cure from an incurable illness, after her first immersion in the Baths, must be recognised as miraculous, because "it happened without any medical treatment"

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nee Rosalie VILDIER
Born in1862
Lived in Evreux. Cured on 31.8.1904, in her 43rd. year. Miracle on 3/25/1908, by Mgr Philippe Meunier, Bishop of Evreux.

Starting in 1894, the health of Sister St. BEATRIX, aged 32 years, was drastically altered by laryngeal-bronchitis, associated with gross emaciation .

From 1896 until her Pilgrimage to Lourdes at the end of August 1904, the signs became more obvious and grave. Her general weakness, loss of weight, cough with blood and pus in the sputum, and cachexia, were all clearly due to tuberculosis, according to the doctors who were looking after her.

On the morning her Diocesan Pilgrimage arrived in Lourdes, she felt quite a change comeover her after visiting the Baths.

Examined two days afterwards at the M.B.V., nothing at all abnormal was found, either in her larynx or chest.

The next year,1905, Sister returned to Lourdes to thank Our Lady. . . and furthermore, again in the Baths, she obtained another cure, this time of the visual disturbances which had afflicted her for 15 years!

For all these reasons, and considering that this "sudden, complete and radical cure, could not be explained by any natural cause" the bishop of Evreux, on the 25.3.1908, judged that this cure had the mark of a true miracle.

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Marie-Therese NOBLET

Born in 1889

Lived near to Rheims. Cured on 31.8.1905, in her 16th year. Miracle on 1 1 2.1908, by Cardinal Lucon, Archbishop of Rheims.

This young girl, cured at the beginning of this century, had a truly remarkable destiny. Judge for yourself!

Her childhood was frequently upset by several serious illnesses. In August 1904, when just fourteen years old, she was diagnosed as having Pott's Disease (tuberculosis of the spine), apparently "of peculiar appearance, owing to some concomitant nervous phenomena".

A year later when she came to Lourdes, M. T. NOBLET was cured at the moment she entered the Hospital of Notre-Dame des Douleurs, on returning from the Blessed Sacrament Procession.

She was examined at the M.B.V. the next morning, and was followed up for a year by her family doctor. Never again was there the slightest suggestion of pain, deformity or restricted movements.

After being examined three years later by the Commission appointed by the Cardinal Archbishop of Rheims, Mgr L. J. Lucon recognised this cure as miraculous.

After that, she went through a mystical experience, comparable to that of the Cure of Ars; and after much physical torment, finished up in 1921 entering a religious Order under the aegis of Mgr. de Boismenu, Archbishop of Papua-New Guinea, founder of the first order of aboriginal nuns, the "Ancelles du Seigneur", (the Handmaids of Lord).

The cure of Marie-Therese NOBLET was the last of the 22 cures recognised as miraculous in 1907-1908 by the Ordinaries of 13 Bishoprics (11 French and 2 Belgian), instigated by Mgr. Schoepfer, Bishop of Tarbes, and Dr. G. Boissarie, for the "Celebration of the 50th. Anniversary of the Apparitions".

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Born on 26.12.1885 in Tournai (Belgium)

Cured on 21.9.1905, in her 20th. year. Miracle on 8.12.1909, by Mgr Charles Gibier, Bishop of Versailles.

Here again, an extraordinary destiny was in store for this person. Cured when she was just under twenty years old, she was feted by all her relations on the day of her 100th. anniversary, the 26.12.1985!

However her childhood was anything but tranquil. At fourteen, she developed a "white swelling" or "cold abscess", of the knee... caused by tuberculosis. After four or five years of careful treatment, without any apparent success, it was decided to suggest to her an operation in June 1904.

About the same time, another area of infection appeared--tuberculous peritonitis, which went from bad to worse in the next months.

She had constant pain unrelieved by the application of ice, hardly any appetite, and fever... all signs of progressive consumption.

This young lady expressed a wish to go to Lourdes in May 1905.

With no improvement in sight, and despite the precariousness of her general health, the journey was undertaken in September, but not without many alarms.

In Lourdes on 21.9.1905, with infinite precaution, she was taken to the Baths, from where she emerged cured... for a long time.

On the same evening she was examined at the M.B.V., where no sign of disease, past or present, was found.

For four years her health, so unexpectedly recovered, remained excellent. Her Bishop, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8.12.1909, recognised this cure as miraculous.

It was eighty years before her centenary!

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Antonia MOULIN

Born on 4/13/1877 in Vienne (Isere)

Cured on 8/10/1907, in her 31st. year. Miracle on 11/6/1911, by Mgr Paul
E. Henry, Bishop of Grenoble.

The story of this young woman is an example in more ways than one! At the end of an illness, which in those days was sufficiently serious to need treatment in hospital, she developed, in February 1905, an abscess of the right leg with phlebitis and lymphangitis, and stayed in hospital for more than 6 months. In September 1905 she went to Lourdes with the Pilgrimage of Grenoble. Five days later she left, without any improvement at all!

Back in hospital in Vienne, her condition deteriorated. More abscesses appeared, causing fistulae intermittently. This continued for 5 months, up to March 1906.

Then she spent 10 months in the "Hotel-Dieu" in Lyons, where in spite of a variety of treatments, there was no improvement.

At the end of 1906, fearing death, she wanted to be brought nearer to her relatives. Despite every care, her general state remained in jeopardy. The local wound on the right thighincreased in size and depth, and never stopped discharging pus. Her knee became grossly enlarged and ankylosed.

In August, Antonia set off again for Lourdes, two years after her first visit. On the journey, the offensive odour of the pus was most unpleasant for the others in her coach. She arrived as an incurable patient.

On the second day after her arrival, August 10th., she was carried to the Baths again. When her wound was redressed, it was noticed that it had scarred over, and that she could use her limb once more! She was taken immediately to the Grotto so that she could walk round it, and from there to the M.B.V., where her cure was confirmed after examination.

Everyone was amazed when she got back home, especially her doctor who, on 25th. September, signed a certificate stating:

"This cure is scientifically inexplicable".

Returning to Lourdes in 1908, '09, and '10 as a helper, she never failed to call at the M.B.V. and meet Dr. Boissarie.

On 11/6/1910, her Bishop, after taking advice from his Canonical Commission, and ensuring that all the requisites of the Church had been fulfilled, declared that the cure of Miss Antonia MOULIN was miraculous.

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Born on 11/14/1879 in Lozere

Cured on 21-22nd. August, 1907, in her 28th. year. Miracle on 4.6.1911, by Mgr Jacques Gely, Bishop of Mende.

From the age of 22 years, Marie BOREL suffered many attacks of acute appendicitis. Eventually, after two years of ineffective treatment, she was operated upon in 1903.

A few months later, in 1904, an abscess formed beneath the incision. It was lanced, but it quickly led to the formation of a fistula. Although attempts were made to close it, they were in vain.

From 1905, other abscesses appeared; and what was much more serious, they invaded the colon, and discharged on to the anterior and posterior abdominal walls, to such an extent that after several months, the normal path of the stools was entirely re-routed!

It is hardly necessary to say that this situation could only get worse, and that in those days there was no effective treatment for such lesions.

Marie BOREL arrived in Lourdes on 8/17/1907 with the National Pilgrimage, and took part in the ceremonies as far as her pitiful condition permitted. On the morning of 8/21/1907, the dressings over the discharging fistulae were changed as usual. In the evening, the four on the anterior wall had closed, and the dressings were clean and dry. The next day, the two on the
posterior wall had closed when she came out of the Baths.

At the M.B.V. the doctors verified that the fistulae had closed, and the stools now followed their normal course. This sudden, perfect and definitive cure, checked each year by different doctors between 1907-11, has always been considered by all the experts as scientifically

The Bishop of Mende, Mgr J. Gely, took note of all the medical evidence, and on 4.6.11, judged the case miraculous, and attributed it to a special intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Born in 1886 in Lons-le-Saunier (France)

Cured on 5/17/1908, in her 23rd. year. Miracle on 11/25/1912, by Mgr Francois A. Mallet, Bishop of Saint-Claude.

Virginie was an orphan who never had a serious illness up to the age of
eighteen years. Then in July 1904, her illness began with cystitis and
nephritis, a urinary infection diagnosed in the laboratory as tuberculous
in origin.

In those days it was an incurable and fatal disease, often with a long
drawn-out course.

In May 1906, she made her first Pilgrimage to Lourdes... but there was no
change in her condition.

The rest of that year, and the following one, passed by without the least
improvement. However the early months of 1908 were marked by an obvious
deterioration. Her pain became worse; nothing relieved it. Virginie could
no longer get up.

She decided to join her Diocesan Pilgrimage again in 1908. On the third day
during the blessing with the Blessed Sacrament, she felt another violent
pain, the prelude to her cure. After spending a peaceful night she went to
the M.B.V. next morning where urine tests were normal, and her cure was

Fifty years onwards from that day, no relapse ever having occurred, she
presented herself once more at the Medical Bureau on 4/24/1958!
On the advicf a Canonical Commission, Mgr Mallet concluded on
11/25/1912, that this cure, which happened "outside the general order of
nature" must be considered as miraculous.

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Born on 8.10.1866 in Vendee (France)

Cured on 5.8.1908, in her 42nd. year. Miracle on 30.7.1910, by Mgr Clovis
Joseph Catteau, Bishop of Lucon.

Suddenly on 14.2.1908, Mrs BIRE showed some alarming signs: vomiting of
blood and incipient gangrene of her left forearm and hand, with
excruciating pain.

Three or four days afterwards, whereas the circulation in her arm had
returned to normal, other signs appeared: those of an intracranial
hypertension. Shortly after, she became comatose.

On coming out of it on the 25th. February, she discovered she was blind!
Her doctor called it "blindness from bilateral optic atrophy" due to the
cerebral incidents.

On the 5th. August 1908, after attending Mass at the Grotto, quite suddenly
her sight returned.

Examined by an oculist the same day at the M.B.V., it had to be admitted
that although she still showed signs of "retinal pallor of cerebral origin"
more marked on the right than on the left, she could read "the smallest
print in a newspaper" (Dr. Lainey of Rouen).

To summarize, anatomical signs persisted, consistent with a total loss of
vision. Nevertheless, vision had been restored!

In September 1908, several weeks later, three ophthalmologists made another
detailed examination, and noted: .. evidence of optic atrophy no longer
present, and the cure is complete,..

She was examined again in the following year by other doctors. In the
absence of any lesions, her cure was recognised as complete and lasting.

On 30.7.1910, Mgr C. Catteau, in his turn, acknowledging this sudden and
radical cure, proposed that it be considered as miraculous.

(This cure has been the subject of particular attention by dozens of
specialists since 1908. In every case it has been recognized as absolutely

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Born in1872

Lived in Vern, near to Angers. Cured on 28.5.1909, in her 38th. year.
Miracle on 5.8.1910, by Mgr Joseph Rumeau, Bishop of Angers.

Miss ALLOPE had been ill for a long time when she went to Lourdes.

The removal of a kidney in 1898, when she was 26 years old, was followed
several years later by two other operations for tuberculous lesions on her
right flank, which led to fistulae forming.

A few days before she arrived in Lourdes, it was confirmed again that she
had "four enormous abscesses from which pus ran freely and showed no sign
at all of healing; she was in a deplorable state, weighing only 44 kg".

The first days of her pilgrimage passed without any improvement. Moreover
the suppuration was so profuse that it was essential to change the
dressings twice a day.

But on the 28th. of May, after receiving Holy Communion at the Grotto, her
suffering ceased, the wounds closed, her appetite returned, and she could
live normally.

She was cured!

At the M.B.V. the next day, it was verified that the induration had
disappeared, the fistulae had sealed perfectly.

For more than a year, this radical and complete cure persisted, and she
succeeded in gaining 10 kg in weight in 10 months.

For these reasons, Mgr J. Rumeau, Bishop of Angers, declared on 5.8.1910,
that this cure must be "attributed to a special intervention of God, and
that in it one must see a miraculous event"

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Juliette ORION

Born in1886

Lived in St Hilaire de Voust, in Vendee. Cured on 22nd. July, 1910, in her
25th. year. Miracle on 18th. October 1913, by Mgr Clovis Joseph Catteau,
Bishop of Lucon.

Before she was twenty years old, Juliette ORION had already had an eventful
life. After her father died, she was placed as a maid in "the town". Before
long she became ill and showed signs of early tuberculosis: pleurisy,
bronchitis, loss of weight and oscillating fever.

At the beginning of 1910, in her 24th. year, she returned home.

In February she developed laringitis and her health deteriorated, followed
in May by left mastoiditis with meningeal involvement and a few comatose

Then her doctors announced that her case was hopeless. So in July she
applied to join the Diocesan Pilgrimage, but was refused a place.

During the night of 22-23rd. while praying to Our Lady of Lourdes, Juliette
suddenly felt much better.

Next morning she had recovered her voice, and asked for food. Her doctor
was summoned. After a full examination, he confirmed the cure, for which
"he did not claim the least credit!"

In 1912, she visited the M.B.V., giving information about this cure
obtained far away from Lourdes.

In August 1913, a Canonical Commission submitted, after an inquiry, most
favourable evidence for the miraculous recognition of this instantaneous,
perfect and definitive cure".

Then, Mgr Clovis Catteau, who three years before had given a similar
judgement in favour of Mrs BIRE, recognised on the 18th. October 1913, that
this cure was miraculous and that it must be attributed to a special
intervention of God.

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Mrs Marie FABRE

Born in1879

Cured on 26th. September 1911, in her 33rd. year Miracle on the 8th.
September 1912, by Mgr Pierre Cezerac, Bishop of Cahors.

This farmer's wife had her health severely undermined by three pregnancies
with difficult labours in quick succession, so common among young women in
those days.

In her thirties, in addition to a uterine prolapse--which out of modesty
one did not mention -- she suffered from dyspepsia and
mucomembranous-enteritis. This digestive disturbance prevented her from
eating normal food and contributed to her anaemia and debility.

For more than a year the treatment prescribed was not followed by any
improvement. In this pitiful state, she made a vow to go to Lourdes in the
summer of 1911.

On September 24th., she left for Lourdes with her husband, arriving there
in such a feeble state that one feared for her life.

For a day and a half it was not thought wise to take her to the Grotto, or
to the Baths.

In the afternoon of the 26th. she was allowed to take part in the
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. After receiving it, she felt better,
spoke and sat up on her couch.

Carried back to the Sept-Douleurs Hospital, she asked for food and ate
normally, yet for two years she had never eaten any solid food.

On returning home, she quickly resumed a normal life, and nine months
later, on 23.6.1912, her health was judged excellent, and her prolapse had
virtually disappeared.

Without much delay, and less than a year after her pilgrimage, Mgr Pierre
Cezerac declared on 8.9.1912, that "this sudden cure is outside the
ordinary scope of science, and could not have happened without the
miraculous intervention of God".

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