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ANDIRAN IT Fréchou (1977)


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ANDIRAN IT Fréchou (France, Lot-et-Garonne): Community installed in the diocese of Agen, challenged by the bishop of Rome * and because it was built under the authority of an illegitimate and schismatic bishop ordered by the anti Palmar de Troya *. Roger Kozik, of Polish descent, born April 22, 1945 in Cambrai region, Villers-Outreaux, is welcomed into the novitiate of the abbey Ourscamp (Oise), 1968. Judged February 22 unfit to monastic life he was sent to the seminary in 1969 in Montmagny (Val-d'Oise) to discern if his "calling" can be achieved in thesecular clergy. Considered unfit March 20, 1970, he tried unsuccessfully to return to Ourscamp. He finds a job at RATP and meets Michel Fernandez, of Spanish descent; he leads in the Lot-et-Garonne with him to found a community in the diocese of Agen where he was welcomed by Bishop Johan, at the time of the conciliar reform encourages lay communities. Soon after, they leave the diocese where they reappear in 1977 at a place called The Fréchou. Meanwhile, in June 1974, they have made to order priests by "Bishop" Laborie, illegitimate bishop * residing in Toulouse. Includingordination that is probably invalid, they are ordered again by "Bishop" Enos "primacy" of the Union of Small Independent Catholic Churches, also illegitimate. With perseverance, they resort to Ngo Dinh Thuc Bishop, who ordered Dominguez, the anti Palmar, brother of the Vietnamese president that the "orders priests and bishops" 27 May 1977. Their religious group, the "Servants Notre Dame "(or" Salve Regina Brotherhood ") is close to the" Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face "led by Clément Dominguez, the anti Palmar. On August 13, 1977,Mgr Sabin-Marie Saint-Gaudens, Bishop of Agen, warns: "Mary, Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church can not approve a new division in the Church, the Body of Christ. "The next two days, the two" founders "with an effective propaganda organize a pilgrimage popular * in which they have" an apparition of the Virgin "to be followed by others, with messages *" celestial ". Roger Kozik who is then given the name of "Father Jean-Marie" thinks promoted appearances since Feb. 11, 1971, the day of his arrival in Fréchou. From the Assumption 1977the apparitions occur the 14th of each month in a forest between the two villages of Frechou Andiran and is baptized the "wood of Our Lady." His messages have a strong apocalyptic tone with ads floods, droughts, fires and chain disease, "Jesus weeps over the Church, over France and the world. The desolation is at its peak, this time living in the abomination [...]. A purifier and chaos priest will befall humanity. "On July 14, Father Jean-Marie" sees St. Joseph "in tears," The Church runs to its loss; the faithful are mistaken. They were led to the slaughter. Do not follow pastors [...]. Do not be afraid to resist such churchmen. "The faithful of Frechou are filled with miracles *: On 1 November 1977, a" curtain 5 to 6 m high and 50 m wide "appears in the wood of the apparitions. On October 14th, 1982, Our Lady pours "blood tears". The "miraculous hosts" appear, thenface of Christ. We see "movements of the sun" as in Fatima *; it proclaims healings *. Father Jean-Marie is honored to so-called stigmata * of the Passion. His face becomes like Christ's "crown of thorns". On August 14, 1977 we have "seen into ecstasy". On July 26, 1979, the Virgin Mary spent her finger the ring of a mystical marriage. "It is favored bilocation *" Easter 1983, at thirteen hours and levitation. The faithful flock to prayer as work for free. The erects a Fréchou printing, encourages visits to the sick and "goodworks. " Donations tributary, sales thrive. In the Church of Rome farms opinion condemning ordinations from the old Vietnamese bishop in exile and the anti Palmar * who swarmed a host of adventurers. They were strongly condemned by Rome, the Holy See has hit the * excommunication. They can be reconciled by agreeing to return to the laity simple condition: because "everyone remains in the state that was his before" (Decree on illegitimate ordinations of Palmar de Troya, by special mandate of the Pope Paul VI, 21 September 1976, DC 17October 1976, No. 1706). The June 10, 1981, the "Virgin" would have revealed their 'new miraculous medal. " On 18 February 1982, successive bishops of Agen publish a new warning under the title: What about the apparitions Andiran-Fréchou? "We declare that the so-called" apparitions "and" messages "Andiran-The Fréchou have no heavenly origin but are the fruit of the Enlightenment. "The documents do not specify whether such ordinations are invalid and if the apparitions are the result of the scam; pseudo-bishops were careful to celebratestrictly Catholic liturgy with Roman missals and chasuble, under Pope's portrait with which they said they agreed and reconciliation happens if one suspected irregularity. In 1984, Kosik and Fernandez ordered two "priests". On July 24, 1986, Bishop Saint-Gaudens, Bishop of Agen, warns: "Our Lady can not approve such a serious disobedience, such a rupture of communion. Marie [...] meetings organizers Fréchou disobeyed him and continue to disobey him shamelessly, posing acts against communion in the Church [...]. Every Christian who wants to remain in the communionthe Catholic Church must absolutely refrain from participation, even by mere presence at meetings organized by this group. "(Church of Luzon, July 24, reprinted in DC, October 5, 1986, No. 1925, 878). In 1988, Kosik and Fernandez have been sentenced to prison sentences for breach of trust. They founded a mixed community: 35 "religious" and 9 "priests". On January 23, 1989, the Congregation for the Doctrine of * faith * approves the negative judgment of the diocesan bishops and Cardinal Mayer *, the Ecclesia Dei congregation (letter of February 2, 1990).Soon after, seven "seminarians" enter the "community" of Frechou. In 1990, the Apostolic Nuncio, concerned that Catholics are thus deceived, suggested to Father Laurentin * to light in the press. He immediately did so; but as the article was entitled The Cult of Frechou they citèrent the defamation before the Paris Criminal Court. The court dismissed the complainants and refused their appeal. On 10 May 1991 the Court of Appeal of Agen say the temporary disenfranchisement of Kosik and Fernandez. In 1997-1998, the two "founders" of Frechou and their two "priests "were convicted at trial and on appeal by the Court of Agen: eight months suspended imprisonment, deprivation of civic rights for five years and another criminal sanction. Their lawyer has not rendered judgment. They considered themselves above the conviction. At the time of avant-garde theologians wanted to promote a faith without religion *, the facts did not come to the appointment of the hypothesis: faith is suffocated in many and religion proliferates in all * its forms: in games of football and also was multiplied expansion of secular liturgies: invocationsrhythmic, banners, costumes and face painting. There was proliferation of cults and hieratic forms traditionalists, in reaction against the secularization of the liturgy. The Fréchou had been able to meet the religious needs natural to man, by accumulating formal rites and solemn processions, fervor and wonders, splendor of the papal liturgy. Hence its relative success, with the foundation of a contemplative religious community. Faith and religion are like living vegetation and soil for agricultural purposes: it can not be too careful matching, and * their balance. B. Arch Laurentin; Note, mixtures Laurentin,1990 345; Bouflet-Boutry, 1997, 412-418; L. Bottacin, The Alleged Apparitions Andiran, Nerac, nd; Agen diocesan bulletin, August 13, 1977, September 3, 1978, February 18, 1982 and October 18, 1983; Chippé, p. 328-330 ; Centre Roger Ikor, Les Sectes, état d’urgence. Comment les connaître, mieux s’en défendre en France et dans le monde , Paris, Albin Michel, 1995, 113-115 ; Chiron, 1995, 367-369 ; DC, n° 1706, 17 octobre 1976, 857 ; n° 1854, 19 juin 1983, 619 ; n° 1889, 3 février 1985, 185 ; n° 1925, 5 octobre 1986, 878 ; [Roger Kosik], La Messagère de Dieu m’a dit , s.l.n.d. ; La Croix , 6 février 1990 ; « Le Fréchou », Bulles. Bulletin de liaison pour l'étude des sectes , n° 29, Paris, 1991, 15-18 ; Midi libre , 23 mai 1984 ; Nouvelle République des Hautes-Pyrénées

Source: The Dictionnaire des <<apparitions>> de la Vierge Marie 2007 p 781-783

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