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Circular 34/2011 - Devotion Del Rosario De La Virgen Del Pozo

To the Board of priests, members of communities of consecrated life and all the laity of the diocese.

I greet with joy in the love of Christ our Lord and wish them peace.

Is being promoted again in the area of ??the Archdiocese of devotion to the Virgen del Rosario del Pozo de Sabana Grande in Puerto Rico. I wanted to confirm the information already held on this association, and documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Episcopal Conference of Puerto Rico, I can say with absolute certainty that this is an organization that has not been recognized by the Church, and also deprecated the conduct of its leaders.

It should be remembered that we must be very warned about eating devotions alleged revelations that have not been recognized by the Church, they carry a big risk in religious practices because they lack a sense of Church. When carried out without the approval of the ecclesiastical magisterium, and only with the alleged blind loyalty or organizing centers in rebellion against the authority responsible for ensuring their authenticity, they become inadequate and unacceptable.

Messrs. priests have this in mind to teach the faithful of your community and deter them from belonging to this association. Remember, as stipulated in Circular 04/96, particularly in paragraphs 2 and 3: "To visit communities in the area of a parish should be given the consent of the pastor in question. It is important that any visit of some image is made ??within the plan of the parish pastoral work. "

This should encourage us to help people understand that "above all, the Virgin Mary has always been proposed by the Church of the faithful imitation ... because in their actual living conditions and responsibly total acceded to the will of God" (Marialis Cultus, 35), in order to live a genuine Christian life.

In any case, particularly for devotions that are not common among us, I urge you to consult with the Archbishop and his Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General also to be more certain and to give appropriate guidance to the faithful and proceed properly, so avoid inappropriate practices in any respect, and preserve the healthy practice of Christian life and true devotion.

I annex the reliable documentation on this inadequate and unacceptable devotion are the Decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pastoral Letter issued by the Episcopal Conference of Puerto Rico.

I pray to the Virgin who stood firm at the foot of the cross, our Most Holy Mother of Light, scope of the Saviour, the joy of persevering as lay missionaries, as we convened our Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

With affection I bless you.

León, Gto., September 15, 2011
† Joseph G. Martin Rabago, Archbishop of León.

Fr. Pascual López Márquez, Secretary Chancellor.