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Tours, France (late fourth century)


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Sulpicius Severus (+ ca. 420), and inspired writer, columnist, in his biography of St. Martin of Tours (316/7-397), reports that he would often receive the grace of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially by when it had become, in 371, bishop of Tours. The biographer says that Mary was acting against St. Martin in a dual capacity: as a queen and as a real mother.

St. Martin had numerous apparitions of the Virgin. The saint, ascetic and healer, was a model of unbounded charity to the poor and the dispossessed. He is also considered the father of monasticism French and was a tireless and effective preacher.

News from the book: "Marian Apparitions" by Marino Gamba Ed.Segno

About the visionary St. Martin of Tours (316/7-397)

In the year 397 AD Martin died in Tours, bishop of the city. He was born between 315 and 317 at a location of Pannonia, Sabaria (now Szambatkely in Hungary). The son of an official border of the empire, he moved with his family in Pavia, and here was addressed to the humanities and came into contact with Christianity, but not yet well established religion, at least, no longer persecuted.

At just fifteen he was started by his father on a military career. When he was at Amiens took place on the mantle of the famous historical, documented by some writers of the time. In 339 he was baptized in 354 and left arms to Monaco and dedicated himself to the apostolate.

From that moment he began to wander, first in France, then in Hungary and Italy, gaining fame for the miracles he performed and which offered protection to the weak and oppressed.

Around 360 he returned to France and founded the first monastery Ligugé of the West, to which it would be followed by others. His fame grew to the point that the inhabitants of Tours in 371 elected him their bishop. Even in this capacity he continued his wanderings on a donkey in the French countryside, bringing the Christian faith among the poor and continuing in miraculous healings and the defense of the poor. Near Tours founded the Monasterium Shift, which soon reached a wide fame.

He died on November 8, 367 in Tours. The cult of St. Martin soon spread throughout Europe, including Italy, suffice to say that we came to more than 150 large and small places which make the sound name.

From the "Letters" of Sulpicius Severus.

Martin predicted long before the day of his death. He warned then that the brothers would soon cease to live. Meanwhile, a particularly serious cases called him to visit the dioceses of Candes. The clergy of that church did not agree with each other and Martin, knowing that very little remained for him to live, wanting to restore peace, refused to travel to such a noble cause. He thought that if he could put the harmony in the church would worthily crowned his life fully oriented on the path of good. He remained so for some time in that village or church where he had gone until peace was not restored. But when he was already thinking of returning to the monastery, he suddenly felt that the forces of the body had deserted him. So the brothers called him, warned them of imminent death. All then became sad greatly, and in tears, as if it were only one to speak, said: "Why, father, leave us Who leave us, as we are desolate Wolves prey assail your flock and who will defend us from their bites, a Once you hit the pastor We know that you want to be with Christ, but your reward is safe. If you will be sent will not decrease. compassion Move rather to those who leave here. moved by these tears, that he, full of spirit of God, always easily moved to pity, joined with their crying, and turning to the Lord, just before he spoke to those who cried, 'Lord, if they are still necessary to Thy people, I refuse not the effort: Thy will be done. O great man beyond belief, undefeated in the hard, invincible face of death. He made ??no choice for him. He had no fear of death and refused to live. Meanwhile, always turned with eyes and hands to heaven, not slowed the intensity of his prayer. The priests who had flocked around him, asked him to lift a little the next putting his poor body. But he said: "Allow me, brethren, let me look at the sky, rather than the earth, because my mind is going to go up to the Lord, is already on the right path. "Having said that he realized that the devil was near him. said to him:" What are you doing here, bloodthirsty beast You will not find anything in me, poor wretch! The bosom of Abraham welcomes me. "So saying he gave up his soul to God to Abraham Martin happily rooms. Martin enters rich, poor and humble in paradise.




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