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Benevento, Italy (663)


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In 663 the Virgin, invoked by St. Barbato bishop of Benevento, appeared on the walls, forcing the emperor Constantius II to lift the siege of that time was girdling the city.

The saint was endowed with miraculous powers:he hunted demons and healed the sick with ablutions after Holy Mass.

Source: "Marian Apparitions" by M. Gamba, Ed.Segno

About the visionary St. Barbato, Bishop of Benevento

The city of Benevento has always had a particular veneration for her holy bishop, whose relics were placed since 1687 under the high altar of the Cathedral, as a sign of great veneration of the people or the church hierarchy.

He was born in the village of the municipality of Cerreto Vanda in the early seventh century, studied in Benevento and became a priest in Morcone. As often happened in that period, Barbato was defamed and he had to go back to Benevento and after his innocence was acknowledged, he devoted himself to the fight against superstition and idolatry prevailing at that time.

He became so popular and admired for his zeal, that the death of Bishop Hildebrand, clergy and people elected him bishop of the city. In the 7th century, the Lombards ruled the Duchy of Benevento led by Duke Romuald, but despite being Christians, still professed forms of superstitions such as the cult of the tree and that of the viper, it was the same stubborn supporter of Romuald.

Meanwhile, the city of Benevento, was besieged by the emperor Constantius II, after the fall of Siponto and the invasion of Apulia, the Duke was a valuable aid in Barbato to the resistance by stimulating the minds of Benevento, and when victory smiled on the Lombards, grateful he did stop, starting in his home, the disputed and idolatrous worship of the tree and the adder.

The bishopric was extended also to vast areas of Puglia and Teudorata, wife of Romualdo was a good and pious bishop's pastoral support activities and participated in the council of Rome in 680 and after nineteen years of episcopate, died in Benevento Feb. 19, 682 .

His cult had undergone a rapid expansion in Benevento and also in Salerno, the first translation of the relics took place in 1124, its liturgical celebration is February 19

Author: Antonio Borrelli




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