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Mariette Beco (b. 1921)

March 25, 1921

Death: December 2, 2011


First Vision: Jan 15, 1933

Country: Belgium

Last Vision: Feb 20, 1933

The Case of the Visionary

Mariette Beco, a somewhat uneducated girl, married a restaurant owner. She had conjugal difficulties from which she suffered a great deal. She left her husband, and for a long time lived with a handicapped person in irregular cohabitation. Mariette cared for him with much devotion until his recent death. She practiced her religion very little, and violently refused to respond to enquirers. Yet sometimes she would go in secret to pray at the place of the apparitions. We see here a religion of the poor, which was profound, firm, and sincere, even in the distress and the risks of a difficult life. This case merits an evaluation; it leaves the beaten paths, to lead back to the essentials of the Gospel.

The clarity: the transparency, the evangelical character of the message is no less pure than at Lourdes, and if, in contrast to Bernadette, Mariette Beco did not take the way of regular, religious, canonical and proved piety, those who know her well think she profoundly lives something else which goes very deep and is far-reaching. She called the attention of the Church to the milieux of workers, the marginalized, the neglected, to whom she continued to belong, drawn into all their perhaps misunderstood problems.

Excerpted from:

Laurentin, René. Mary in Faith and Life in the New Age of the Church. The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute 1980. pp 353-486.

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