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Ardesio, Bergamo, Italy (1607)


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On June 23, 1607, an ominous storm was gathering on the country. The two daughters of Mark and Salera Magdalene, Mary and Catherine aged 11 and 7 years, had been sent by his mother to pray in the room of sacred images to avert the impending storm. While the two girls were kneeling in prayer, saw the image of the Crucified and His Mother, painted on the wall of the room, lit up with a bright light, which emanated from the wound around the nail that pierced Christ's feet. Soon after Mary appeared, seated on a golden chair, with Jesus Christ in her arms.

She calmed the storm and peace returned.

At this sight the two girls ran screaming from the family. They also were accompanied by some neighbors, who went into the room and saw, and all those who only partially, the miraculous apparition. For many days unexplained phenomena appeared on the fresco : points and rays of light that is radiated into the room. Madeleine three days later saw a wreath of stars shone on the face of Christ.

The investigation of the Church ended in 1608 with permission to build the sanctuary on the site of the apparition.


The sanctuary, which has received several improvements over the centuries, has announced an impressive 68 m high tower, built in the first half of 1600.

Inside there are valuable paintings, frescoes and stucco, and in particular, wooden works of famous sculptor Fantoni. The devotion continues today to discover the role of Mary in the mystery of our redemption and why she intercede with her Son.

The sanctuary is accessible by bus or private vehicle and is open all year (7.30 to 18 hours in winter, summer 7.30 to 20).
Is inserted in the parish of Ardesio in the upper valley Seriana Superior, open plain, just where the valley, crossing the river Serio, narrows and takes the local name of Valbondione.

The feast of the sanctuary is celebrated on June 23, is preceded by prayers and a solemn procession with the statue of the Madonna. It also celebrates the day 24 as the anniversary of the coronation. The whole is accompanied by entertainment and stalls.

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