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Palermo, Italy (1064)


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Madonna dei Rimedi (Our Lady of the Remedies)

Our Lady of ValverdeSummary

Roger I of the Normans, conquered with his brother Robert Guiscard, Calabria by the middle of the 11th century. moves decisively to Sicily for two centuries in the possession of the Saracens. The victory goes with everywhere, and so step by step approach is firmly held by the Arabs in Palermo. During the long and difficult siege, a terrible disease spreads amongst the Norman camp, caused by poisonous insects (a species of spiders). When all human remedies were completely useless, the pious Roger turns to Madonna. She appears to him and suggested he start a fire in the camps. The disease disappears (1064). In 1072, Roger came into Palermo and erected a shrine to the Madonna, with the inscription: "To the Mother of God and of mercy" in the title of "St. Mary's Remedy," which later became "Our Lady of Remedies".


The Discalced Carmelite Monks (abbreviation: OCD), those who had raised at the beginning of 600. They are the Order takes its name from the biblical Mount Caramel, which venerates the Prophet Elijah in the type and the father of their spirituality. The vicissitudes of the times led to a mitigation of the primitive rule. S. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) with the life, work and writings he was able to "reform, this order: the Discalced Carmelite Order. For the women's branch in 1562, the male line, with the work of S . John of the Cross (1542-1591) in 1568.

The Carmelites have spread over 15,000 around the world with more than 730 monasteries of cloistered narrow, while the religious are about 4,000. The spirit of the Order and characterized by a strong commitment to the contemplative life, enriching the soul becomes God's zeal for the apostolate. Also cultivated a special devotion to Our Lady venerated as the Queen Mother and Sister, and S. Scapular of Mount Caramel (1251) recognizes a special sign of Our Lady of predilection for "his order that". Typical figures, as well as S. St. Teresa of Jesus and John. Of the Cross, St. Teresa of the Infant Jesus (St. Teresa), S. Elizabeth of the SS. Trinity, the Rev.. P. Dominic of Jesus Mary. founder of the house in Palermo, the rev. P. John of Jesus Mary, etc..

For over 200 years the temple was prosperous life: up to the time of the revolution of ideas and institutions (800 destination).

1860: Garibaldi triumphantly entered in Palermo, Sicily, and our new monastery was invaded by the troops, replacing those that royal Bourbon For some time he occupied a part.

1866: with a united Italy, a decree of suppression of religious orders and monks drove the last extinguished the lamp of the temple. This route was used for storage, a dormitory, a stable ... Paintings, altars, furniture, etc.., Everything was removed, everything was left defiled. So for 89 years.

1948: The Card Ruffini redeems the temple by the Ministry of Defence.

1949: October 15, the feast of St. Teresa blessed and given back to the temple and worship.

1950: February 26: Cardinal gives the greatest treasure in the temple, the statue of Our Lady, exquisite work Gagini, who was in the courtyard of the Archbishop. The care and devotion of the faithful are enthusiastic.

1951: July 16, the Feast of Mount Caramel: the statue is crowned with a diadem of silver.

1953: May 16, feast of St. Simon Stok (the Holy Virgin in 1251 was from the Holy Scapular as a sign of protection and salvation: the temple was officially declared by special decree of Cardinal Marian shrine city and diocese.

1954: Marian Year: Inauguration of the rich altar of the Madonna (the work of E. Arrighini Company in Pietrasanta, Lucca).

1964: IX cent. Apparition to Roger: Inauguration of the High Altar, and other works in marble (pulpit), balustrades, Via Crucis, etc.. Company Arrighini).

1967: June 11: died suddenly the great patron of Cardinal Ruffini, the Sanctuary of the Madonna devoted. But in his Testament he expressed his last will always remain "in the temple of his vow," he dictating an inscription for the tomb

"Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini
Archbishop of Palermo
and Apostolic Administrator
Piana degli Albanesi
No 19/01/1888 - m. 11/06/1967
Both loved the Madonna in life
because he wanted to be buried
beside you. "

Feast Day

The feast is celebrated on the September 18th, preceded by pilgrimages of the parishes in the city usually honored by the presence of the Cardinal Archbishop, feature is the "Day of the Sick," which recalls the events of little faith and confidence of Lourdes.

Another special note and meaningful to our Shrine and the frequent celebration of weddings: the young couple to ask Our Lady of Remedies hope and blessing on the emerging family. II beautiful bas-relief of the Marriage of Cana in the prospectus, which whitens the high altar before which they celebrate in the great sacrament, instills confidence in the intervention of the Virgin mother!


Composed by His Holiness Pope Pius XII

O merciful and compassionate Mother, whose soul was pierced by a sword, here we are, we poor sick next to you, your Jesus on Calvary

Elected to the sublime grace of suffering and willing to do in us what is lacking in the passion of Christ, pro of his body which is the Church (cf. Col. i, 24), we consecrate to you our people and our troubles, so that you put one and the other on the altar of the Cross of your Divine Son, humble hosts propitiation for our spiritual health and brothers.

Accept, O Mother of Sorrows, that our consecration, and validation in our hearts the great hope that, as we share the sufferings of Christ, so we have a part to his comfort in this life and eternal. So be it!

Prayer to Our Lady of Remedies

Mary, Mother of Jesus, see how many evils are surrounded and taken.

Countless crimes have stained my soul, unbridled passions threaten to overwhelm even in sin, lures ever-increasing drag me, careless, to the error and corruption.

You are the Refuge of Sinners, Help of Christians and the Mediatrix of all graces, offer to me, put the remedy for your help.

My mother, my confidence, it shows that you are my Mother on fire with love of God in my heart.

May it be done.



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