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Caravaggio, Lombardy, Italy (1432)


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Madonna del Fonte (Our Lady of the Fountain)

  Our Lady of Caravaggio  


On May 26, 1432, at five o'clock in the evening Giannetta Varoli, a 32 year old Italian peasant, whose husband was afflicted with alcoholism, brought bundles of grass for her animals on the road to Misano. The Virgin Mary appeared as a beautiful and admirable woman, dressed in a blue dress and her head covered with a white veil.



Our Lady said:

"Do not be afraid, daughter, because I am here really. Stop and knelt in prayer. Now, do what I want from you. Listen carefully and keep in mind, because I want that you to report anywhere you can be with your mouth or do others say that. "

The Lady said with tears in her eyes and hands open as afflicted:

"The Most High Almighty, my Son, wanted to destroy this Earth because of the iniquity of men, because they do what is evil every day and fall into sin by sin. But for seven years, I prayed mercy to the Son for their sins. Therefore, I want you to tell each and every one who you must fast on bread and water every Friday in honor of my Son, and that, after vespers, celebrate me every Saturday for devotion. That must be dedicated to me this half a day as gratitude for the many and great favors that you received from my Son through my intercession."

Jeannette said:

"People will not believe me."

Our Lady said:

"Arise, do not be afraid. You must relate what I ordered. I will confirm your words with signs so large that no one will doubt you've spoken the truth."


The Sanctuary of Caravaggio is a monumental religious building located in the territory of the town of Caravaggio in Lombardy, and dedicated to Our Lady of the Fountain.

The erection of the Marian shrine, strongly backed by Archbishop Carlo Borromeo, began in 1575 to a design of architect Pellegrino Tibaldi (known as The Pilgrim), at the exact place of the apparition; alternating phases of development at long intervals, construction work lasted until the first decades of the eighteenth century, with numerous changes, albeit minor, compared to the original design of The Pilgrim.

Already in 1432 the Vicar of the bishop of Cremona, Bonincontro De 'Secchi, had wanted to put on the same site of the apparition - the field of Mezzolengo - the foundation stone for the erection of a votive chapel, later supplanted by the current Marian shrine.

The monumental temple stands in the middle of a vast plain surrounded by arcades symmetrical on all four sides, which run with 200 arches, for almost 800 meters. In front of the driveway connecting with the city center is an obelisk which, through its inscriptions, reminiscent of the many miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary of Caravaggio. Just beyond the obelisk is a large fountain, whose water passes under the shrine, the sacred spring flows into the rear yard, where it is collected in a pool at the disposal of the sick to immerse the ailing limbs.

Other Shrines

Our Lady of Caravaggio in Brazil began with the construction of a chapel in Farroupilha in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where today stands the largest Marian shrine dedicated to her.



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